So i draw and stuff.

Here's what I do


I’ve illustrated full colour picture books, comics, book covers and games. I love blending art and storytelling and am especially passionate about creating art for publishing. If you’ve got a book that needs artwork, let me know! I’m always looking for new stories to contribute to.


What can I say? I like drawing faces. There’s a special kind of challenge to capturing not just a face, but an expression, a personality on a page. People, pets, aliens, if you’ve got an interesting face you’d like to see painted let me know. 


One-off pieces, typically oil on canvas – though I do dabble in sculpture and a few different types of media. 

Here’s a mini gallery of past work. Check out my portfolio page for more!


Pencil, pastel & charcoal

From rough and sketchy to cleanly finished pieces. Charcoal pencil is particularly great for bold, high-contrast pieces that need to be expressive and visually striking. 

Ink & Watercolour

Perfect for storybook-style images, and a lot of fun to work with. Working with textured paper and splashes of colour lends a softer, wamer feel to the finished images. 


Since 2005 I’ve used the Adobe suite of creative programs to create vector illustrations, paintings, cartoons, as well as editing and augmenting non-digital pieces. Working digitally allows for great flexibility in design and editing, fine control of detail and smooth, rich colours. 


Oils are my favourite medium for playing with bright, bold colours and expressive brushwork. Brilliant for big fine art pieces and portraits. 


If you have any questions related to any of the above, would like a quote for a specific project, or would like to find out more about how to commission art for a future project, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


    Every project is unique, so please take this as a rough guide only. If you’d like a quote that’s more accurate to your project, please contact me with details.

    Prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


    For commercially published picture books, chapter books, and novels; prices are based on an A4 page size, moderate level of detail and expected royalty payments.

    Simple image / low detail $60
    Complex image $120
    Black and white
    1/4 page or chapter head $210
    Half page $340
    Full page $450
    Double page spread $580
    Full colour
    1/4 page or chapter head $300
    Half page $470
    Full page $670
    Double page spread $910
    Cover $1300

    For single illustrations paid at a flat rate without royalties. Prices are based on an A4 page size and a moderate level of detail.

    Simple image / low detail $70
    Complex image $140
    Black and white
    Quarter page $250
    Half page $400
    Full page $540
    Double page spread (A3) $695
    Full colour
    Quater page $360
    Half page $560
    Full page $800
    Double page (A3) $1090
    Book cover $1560

    Includes both people and pet portraits. Typically covers face, head and shoulders. Full body portraits may be priced differently.

    For non-digital pieces, extra shipping costs may apply.

    Small (A4 – 8.3″ x 11.7″) $120
    Medium (A3 – 11.7″ x 16.5″) $210
    Large (A2 – 16.5″ x 23.4″) $360
    Cartoon/comic style $190
    (strong black outlines, simple flat/hard-edged shading)
    Realistic $430
    (digitally “painted”; mimics an oil painting. Not photo-realistic) 
    Oil painting
    A3 primed paper $350
    A2 primed paper $480
    Canvas panel – 12″ x 16″ $360
    Stretched Canvas – 23.6″ x 29.5″ $670

    Canvas panel and stretched canvas are available in a wide variety of sizes from very small to absolutely massive; if you have a particular size in mind please contact me for a more accurate quote