Duck, Duck, Goose!


Published via Hachette Australia (Lothian imprint)

In stores: September 2015

Media: Digital (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)

DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE is a visual treat. A crazy, fun-filled journey down the river of the cute and the absurd, it will delight youngsters and have them reading this book over and over. Inspired by the beloved kids’ game, two ducks meet new friends each time the page is turned – a cockatoo … a gnu in a canoe … a pirate crew … and many more! 

Available in hardcover and paperback from Hachette Australia 

Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm


Written by Ciara Molloy Tan, Published via Hachette Australia (Lothian imprint)

In stores: July 2014

Media: Digital (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)

Alone every day in a pool near the rocks, Hermione Anemone sat knitting some socks. Till one day, which started just like any other, A peculiar thing happened: the pool gave a shudder! 

Life is quiet and lonely in Hermione Anemone s rock pool until a huge storm washes in some very colourful and lively creatures. Soon Hermione is making friends with the likes of Tony Abalone, Una the Tuna and Sean the Prawn, who all decide that her little pool is the perfect place to play! 

Available in hardcover and paperback from Hachette Australia 

Adorable Alice, New Frontier Publishing


Written by Cassandra Webb, Published via New Frontier

In stores: 24 April 2014

Media: Watercolour and ink

Adorable Alice explores her home in a different way every day of the week. See what she discovers as she learns about her senses and her surroundings!

Available in Hardcover and Paperback from New Frontier Books 

The Ruby Bottle


Written by Janet Reid, Published via IP Kidz

Year: 2012

Media: Digital (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)

Winner, IP Picks 2011 Best Junior Prose

When Amber discovers a dusty red bott le in her elderly neighbour’s shed, she knows at once that it’s meant to be hers. Then she meets the strange djinn that lives in the bottle, and is catapulted into an adventure she never imagined.

Amber’s had a few problems to deal with lately – bullies at school, a cranky teacher and her best friend moving away. Now at least she has a magical friend to talk to … if she can keep him safe.

Can Amber find the courage to deal with the bullying, make new friends and protect her djinn from harm?

And what’s the mysterious task she’ll have to perform that the djinn keeps hinting at?

 Available via IP Books


Full Publication Credits

Duck, Duck, Goose! Hachette Australia, 2015. Cover and internal illustrations

Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm, Author Ciara Malloy Tan, Hachette Australia, 2014. Cover and internal illustrations.

Adorable Alice, Author Cassandra Webb, New Frontier, 2014. Cover and internal illustrations.

The Ruby Bottle, author Janet Reid, Interactive Publications, 2012.  Cover illustration/design, and internal illustrations.

21 Nursery Rhymes (and sequel, 22 Nursery Rhymes) – Author Wendy Penny, self-published, 2011. Cover and internal illustrations.

The 100th Tree, Author Eddie Dowd, Eco Hero Publishing, 2011. Cover illustration, 24pg full colour internal illustrations, cover/full book design, plus design of promotional materials including banner and flyers.

The Power To Be Yourself – Author Delece Ford, Seaview Press, 2008. Cover illustration/Design.

The Adventures of Percy the Possum – Author Delece Ford, Power4U2 Publishing, 2007. Cover illustration, 24pg full colour internal illustrations, cover/full book design.

His Most Dire Rival – published in “A Solution to Economic Depression in Little Tokyo, 1953 – a graphic miscellany” Author Kirk Marshall, A Cowboy Named Molasses Publishing, 2007. Designed /illustrated a 28-page comic written by the author.

 Malgadeer, Author M Blassnig, EmbiE Books, 2005. Cover illustration/design and internal graphics.

Other Projects:

2015: Green Games – Taking out the Trash! Created illustrations and designs for a playing card game designed to teach kids about recycling. Included full design for a double deck of cards and packaging.

2012: Character design for 3D animated film, script developed with Screen Queensland. Cannot provide details of project due to nondisclosure agreement as the film moves through the production process.

2012 – Fire Ant Awareness campaign materials with Biosecurity Queensland – educational project for Queensland primary schools. I designed two large-scale fully illustrated vector backdrops for a touring classroom presentation and provided illustrations for an activity/guide book.