About Me

Hi! I’m Myka. An artist, illustrator, and general scribbler from Brisbane, Australia.

My passion is for storytelling and character creation, and most of my work is geared towards children’s illustration, particularly illustrations for picture books and kids/YA literature. I primarily work in digital art, but am always dabbling with different media, from plain ol’ pencils to inks, watercolours, and oil paints.

I’m also rather terrible at writing about myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Send me an email or use the Contact Page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Love your work! Can I use it?

It depends on what you want to use it for. Licensing and royalty fees will apply to any commercial uses, and appropriate credit must be given. If you’d like to learn more, send me a email with info on what you’d like to use the image(s) for, and we can discuss terms.
If you’d just like to place an image on your blog, 99% of the time I’m quite sure I won’t mind, provided you ask permission first and give the appropriate credit (usually just a visible link back to my site). Please bear in mind that I reserve all rights to my artwork, and I expect those rights to be respected should I ask you to take down the image.

Can you draw something for me?

Of course! Creating custom art is what I’m all about – contact me to request a quote for your project.

OMG I have this fantastic idea for a book/t-shirt/product! I can’t pay you right now, but once the product is made and sells for millions of dollars, I’ll be able to pay you LOADS of money!

That’s nice. But no. If your idea is really fantastic, then it’s worth investing in properly to get it off the ground. Creating art is as much a part of the manufacturing process as printing and packaging; in fact, it’s often a vital part of the product and needs to be done right. That means me spending time, effort and skill in the creation of worthwhile image. If you wouldn’t expect a printer or production company to absorb the financial risks of your project, it’s unfair to expect an artist to.

I am willing to set up a payment plan so that work on larger projects is more affordable, but you must sign a contract where the terms of payment are clearly defined and pay off the full cost of the project.

I’d like to talk to you about my project, but I’m worried you’ll steal it if I say too much!

Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws are something that I take VERY seriously as an artist – your ideas are yours, and while I’m happy to help you develop them, I would never steal them or use them without your permission.
If you require additional assurance, I’m happy to sign a reasonable non-disclosure agreement before we get into detailed discussions of your project.

WAIT A MINUTE – I had a look at your books page, and several of them have a different illustrator name! What gives?

Yup, I decided a while ago I didn’t like my name so much, so I changed it to something I’m more happy with. That means my first few books were published under a different name.

What’s that thing on your shoulder? 

His name is Frank. Not sure what he is. He started showing up in some of my drawings a while ago and I decided to keep him.

You’re weird. 

Yes. Yes I am. But that’s not really a question, is it?

Full Publication Credits

Duck, Duck, Goose! Hachette Australia, 2015. Cover and internal illustrations

Hermione Anemone and the Enormous Storm, Author Ciara Malloy Tan, Hachette Australia, 2014. Cover and internal illustrations.

Adorable Alice, Author Cassandra Webb, New Frontier, 2014. Cover and internal illustrations.

The Ruby Bottle, author Janet Reid, Interactive Publications, 2012.  Cover illustration/design, and internal illustrations.

21 Nursery Rhymes (and sequel, 22 Nursery Rhymes) – Author Wendy Penny, self-published, 2011. Cover and internal illustrations.

The 100th Tree, Author Eddie Dowd, Eco Hero Publishing, 2011. Cover illustration, 24pg full colour internal illustrations, cover/full book design, plus design of promotional materials including banner and flyers.

The Power To Be Yourself – Author Delece Ford, Seaview Press, 2008. Cover illustration/Design.

The Adventures of Percy the Possum – Author Delece Ford, Power4U2 Publishing, 2007. Cover illustration, 24pg full colour internal illustrations, cover/full book design.

His Most Dire Rival – published in “A Solution to Economic Depression in Little Tokyo, 1953 – a graphic miscellany” Author Kirk Marshall, A Cowboy Named Molasses Publishing, 2007. Designed /illustrated a 28-page comic written by the author.

 Malgadeer, Author M Blassnig, EmbiE Books, 2005. Cover illustration/design and internal graphics.

Other Projects:

2015: Green Games – Taking out the Trash! Created illustrations and designs for a playing card game designed to teach kids about recycling. Included full design for a double deck of cards and packaging.

2012: Character design for 3D animated film, script developed with Screen Queensland. Cannot provide details of project due to nondisclosure agreement as the film moves through the production process.

2012 – Fire Ant Awareness campaign materials with Biosecurity Queensland – educational project for Queensland primary schools. I designed two large-scale fully illustrated vector backdrops for a touring classroom presentation and provided illustrations for an activity/guide book.